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    MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network) est une association internationale à but non lucratif créée en 1995 par l’initiative de plusieurs institutions possédant une longue expérience dans la microfinance et /ou dans la promotion des micro entreprises en Afrique.

    Au 31 décembre 2021, MAIN a organisé 12 conférences internationales, 39 sessions de programmes universitaires,  76 sessions de formations thématiques, 12 visites d’échange. Au total 3 905 praticiens de microfinance ont été formés par le MAIN. De plus, 10 publications ont été produites par le MAIN.

    Welcome to the MAIN’s website

    MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network) is an international non profit making association established in 1995 through the initiative of several institutions with long experience in microfinance and/or promoting microentreprises in Africa.As at december 31 st  2021, MAIN has organized  12 International Conferences, 39 sessions of university program,  76 trainings, 12 exchanges visits. In total 3 905 microfinance pratitionners have been trained as at the same date. Moreover, 10 publications have been published by MAIN.


    As part of its capacity building program, MAIN organizes in collaboration of AEMFI a training on Islamic Microfinance. This training will allow practitioners to understand and utilize Islamic Microfinance as a Strategic Niche Market for providing Need-based Financial Services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

    This 5-module course is carefully designed for microfinance players who are enthusiastic to expand, diversify or combine conventional Microfinance with Islamic finance,  as  well  as  for  those  interested  in  developing  knowledge,  skills  and confidence in innovating microfinance products and processes. The introductory course is aimed at an interdisciplinary audience of Financial Services Providers (Banks, MFIs, SACCO, VSLA, etc.), Development Partners/Donor Community, Technology Providers, Regulatory/Central Banks’ Representatives, Government policymakers, Ministry of Finance officials and other stakeholders. The course presents the fast facts and dispels the misperceptions about Islamic Microfinance with proofs that Islamic Microfinance is not about Islam but non-interest financial services. The course also shares experiences and practical insights into the mechanics of product development and fundraising for piloting and launching of interest-less products and how to establish rural or urban Islamic Microfinance as a standalone, department or unit.

    Expected results

    At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

    1) Identify and apply the key principles, concepts, ethics, tools and sound practices of Islamic Microfinance

    2) Compare and contrast the philosophical, developmental and financial inclusion contexts of conventional Microfinance and Islamic finance

    3) Acquire the capacity to pilot, launch and deliver Islamic financial products including its mechanics, scoping, product development processes, delivery methodologies, sustainability and staff retraining/upskilling

    4) Be able explain and integrate the organizational, operational, governance and regulatory factors in the development of Islamic microfinance products and services

    5) Identify appropriate sources of funding and construct strategic partnerships with development partners and promoters of Islamic Microfinance in diversifying into Islamic finance


    Introduction and Context of Islamic finance

    Philosophical and Historical Contexts of Microfinance

    Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI) Versus Conventional MFIs Profit Versus Interest (Usury)

    Biblical and Quranic Contexts of Interest

    Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion

    Islamic Microfinance Components : ( Islamic Microsavings, Islamic Microcredits, Islamic Microinsurance/’Takaful, Islamic Microhousing/Mortgage, Islamic Microlease)

    Islamic Microfinance Delivery Methodologies (Mudaraba’/Profit Sharing Deposits, Mudaraba’/Profit and Loss Sharing Loans, Musharaka’/Equity Participation, Murabaha’/Cost plus Markup, Ujrah/Service Charge/fee Ijarah’/Leasing, Shirkatul-Milk’/Rent to Own; Takaful’/Mutual; Assistance/Insurance, Hawala/Remittance, Kafala/Guarantee

    Islamic Finance – Product Development & Funding

    Product Development and Sustainability

    Staff Retraining ad Upskilling, the Female Economy & Gender Centric Products; Local and International Funding Partnerships; Donors and Promoters of Islamic Microfinance; Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Funds; Institutional, Financial and Social Ratings; Funding, Key Performance Indicators and Reporting

    Governance, Supervision & Regulation in Islamic Microfinance

    The training will run from July 13-15, 2022 – Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

    Deadline for registration is June 22nd, 2022

    The following requirements should be fulfilled to attend the program.

    • A registration fee of USD 100 as member, to be paid to MAIN and USD 150 for non-member, USD 400 for international participants who are MAIN member
    • Applications form should be sent to with copy to &
    • Participants who failed to pay the registration fee will not be accepted by MAIN.
    • International Candidates are requested to arrange their own international travel and MAIN will make reimbursement up to USD 500 upon presentation of factual receipts, flight coupon and boarding pass along bank details immediately after the session is over. Please note that the cost of air ticket exceeding USD 500, the difference will be covered by the participant institution.
    • Participants will be lodged by MAIN for 4 nights. Meals and rooms are provided by MAIN for international participants.
    • Member institutions are requested to clear their arrears of annual contribution to MAIN before attending the training.

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