International exchange visit in Africa

As part of its activities and following the 2021-2023 strategic plan, MAIN would like to finance an international exchange visit in Africa for its members. It is within this framework that this calls for proposal is aimed for MFIs under these conditions:

I. Criteria and Eligibility Requirements

• The visit must be made in Africa within a Microfinance Institution

• The duration of the visit must be 07 days maximum including travel days

• The trip must be carried out before October 20, 2022

• Be up to date with annual contributions vis à vis of MAIN

• Be an active member of MAIN

• Have sent to MAIN for publication the factsheets of the last 03 years (2020, 2021 and 2022)

• Have signed the transparency pact

• Submit an application file with the terms of reference for the exchange visit

• A report must be produced and sent to MAIN within a maximum of 7 days from the last day of the visit.


II. Elements of the Terms of Reference (ToR)

• The problematic of the visit

• Approaches of solutions already undertaken within the institution to solve the problem or meet the need(s) expressed.

• The justification of the need for the exchange visit

• Expectations from the exchange visit

• The name of the host institution selected

• The detailed budget of the visit

• The people within your Institution who will participate in the trip (Max 5 people). (Specify their name & function)

• The date selected for the visit


 III. Application files

• ToR for the visit (with the elements mentioned in point 2)

• Most recent activities reports (2021)


How to submit the application file?

1. Compress the application elements into a ZIP file

2. send this to 

For further information, contact the secretariat at 

Application deadline: August 05 th, 2022 


IV. Calendar

The indicative timetable to be respected will be as follows:




Receipt of proposals

August 05 th, 2022

Announcement of the selected institution

August 10 th, 2022

Deadline for carrying out the Visit

October 20 th, 2022

Sending the mission report to MAIN

October 28 th, 2022