Transparency Pact


MAIN network offers its members to mark their commitment through a transparency pact, with the objective of promoting and developing transparency of microfinance institutions in Africa through the tools and good practices recognized by the microfinance sector.
Through the pact, institutions commit to:
– Sign and return the Transparency Charter
– Implement the recommended transparency actions: sharing Factsheet and SPI4 tools
– Be rewarded at the MAIN Transparency Award

Interests of the transparency pact

For the sector

  • Unite MFIs around a common commitment to transparency in the sector
  • Offer a set of basic best practices to implement
  • Encourage data sharing and facilitate its collection
  • Facilitate financial and social reporting on the new ATLAS platform

For MAIN (and its member associations)

  • Make MAIN a competence center on transparency
  • Offering additional services to members
  • Encourage MFIs to implement their transparency policy with the support of MAIN
  • Encouraging new institutions to join the network

For MFI members

  • Know and use the best practices recognized by the industry
  • Compare to other MFIs and target improvement priorities
  • Be visible to investors and highlight social performance
  • Be recognized for efforts in terms of transparency
  • Get the MAIN Transparency badge, a sign of willingness to be transparent
  • Facilitate financial and social reporting on the new ATLAS platform
  • Win a prize awarded by MAIN for the greatest transparency efforts


MAIN members, with the support of MAIN, must engage and carry out transparency-related actions. MFIs will demonstrate their actions and progress with MAIN through various means as defined by the MAIN Transparency Award criteria. MAIN support MFIs’ evolution in transparency and facilitate reporting.