Activities 2005

1 –   Training of MFI Executives – Uganda Martyrs’ University (UMU) (Uganda) – May/June 2005.
2 –   International Conference on “Revisiting the Evolution and Performance of Microfinance in Africa: Lessons Learned and Way Forward” Yaoundé (Cameroon) – May 2005.
3 –   General Assembly of MAIN, Yaoundé (Cameroon) – May 2005.
4 –   Training of Board Members and General Managers on Microfinance, Kigali (Rwanda) – November 2005.


Participants at the training of board members and general managers on microfinance in Kigali, November 2005


Participants at the International Conference "look at evolution & the performance of   initiatives                    microfinance in Africa: lessons and perspectives" in Yaounde, May 2005.

Participants at the International Conference “revisiting evolution & performance of microfinance in Africa: lessons learned and way forward” in Yaounde, May 2005