MAIN – Master of arts in Microfinance with Ines Ruhengeri in Rwanda

    Dear member,

    MAIN is pleased to inform his members that he has launched a new master of arts in Microfinance with Ines Ruhengeri in Rwanda.

    Ines Ruhengeri is a private catholic university located in the city of Ruhengeri. It has different faculties with more than 5 000 students.

    MAIN in collaboration with INES Ruhengeri initiate a postgraduate program in microfinance for practitioners to enhance their knowledge and develop new skill to be competitive and to better serve their clients.  

    Admission requirements

    Candidates to the master’s program in microfinance have to fulfill the following conditions: have a bachelor degree & be computer literate.    

    The following requirements should be fulfilled to attend the program:

    1. A registration fee of EURO 600 to be paid to MAIN by bank transfer right after admission with proof of transfer sent to MAIN
    2. Late registration and registrations communicated directly to the university will not be accepted by MAIN,
    3. Candidates are requested to arrange their own international travel and MAIN will make reimbursement up to USD 600 upon presentation of factual receipts, flight coupon and boarding pass along bank details immediately after the session is over. Please note that the cost of air ticket exceeding USD 600, the difference will be covered by the participant.
    4. Students will be lodged by MAIN on campus. Meals will be provided on daily basis for 15 days. Participants who will come too early or who will leave late will bear the extra cost. MAIN sponsorship will not exceed the 15 days. 
    5. Member institutions are requested to clear their arrears of annual contribution to MAIN before attending the program.
    6. Application must be received not later than May, 15th, 2024.

    To register, please click on the link below regarding where you are coming from:

    For Rwandan Students:

    For application for International Students:

    We look forward to receiving your applications soon.