Newsletter – April 2020

COVID-19: how does the pandemic affect your work and the daily activities of your customers?

Whereas countries take some measures from all over the world to protect their populations against the spread of Coronavirus, it is now clear that this pandemic will not only have considerable effects on the public health, but also a severe economic effect. As always, poor and marginalized people, that don’t have access to adequate security, are more exposed.

For the professionals of financial inclusion and microfinance throughout the world, every day presents new challenges. At the moment, seen the spread of the pandemic, there is not a definite conduct line. That is why the communication and knowledge sharing between colleagues can play a vital role while providing a support in these difficult moments.


Some advices to follow to protect yourself against COVID-19

  • Avoid hands shaking or kiss
  • Keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter between individuals,
  • Cover nose and mouth,
  • Avoid crowds,
  • Use disposable handkerchiefs and do not sneeze without protecting your mouth.
  • Wash your hands regularly, soap and water are the best ways to fight this virus.

This pandemic is devastating and frightening all humanity. So, let’s take all possible preventive measures to limit the spread of this evil of the century. Together we will overcome this disease. Even if isolation is required, this should not prevent us from acting in a solidarity manner.

Proparco in support of Advans in DRC

The subsidiary of AFD dedicated to private sector grants a loan of 3 million of dollars to Advans Bank Congo, a financial institution specialized in the financing of entrepreneurs and the SME in the country. The ceremony of signature took place this March 10, in Kinshasa.

While granting a credit line of 3 million of dollars to Advans in DRC, Proparco shows its support to the private sector ” as a fundamental actor of resilience in fragile countries “, indicate the French agency. It is the first time that, that branch of AFD intervenes in debt beside a financial institution that sustains some small entrepreneurs in DRC.

The agreement of March 10 was signed in Congolese capital by Audrey Maignan, regional director central Africa for Proparco, Yvonnick Peyraud, chief executive officer of Advans Bank in Congo and Grébert Didier, Managing Director of AFD branch in DRC.

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A program of technical support to reinforce the microfinance in West Africa

With more than 10 years of experience in the microfinance sector, the Grameen Foundation Credit Agricultural finance and accompany with the technical support of the institutions of microfinance. These are more than 200 million of euros of financings, a presence in almost 40 countries with more than 85 institutions supported since the origin. With 37% of the investments in Sub-Saharan Africa, the continent is at the heart of the actions of the Foundation and its mission is to contribute to poverty reduction alleviation.

To the sides of European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Luxembourg Government, the Foundation is going to reinforce its support to the microfinance institutions in West Africa with the establishment of a new technical assistance program. The two partners of the Foundation have a strong experience in the development of the microfinance: EIB has already engaged more than 1,3 € billion in favor of the sector since the first operations of microfinance in 1992 and Luxemburg concentrates 61% of the world assets under management in microfinance.